Jessica Roemischer
Award-winning Pianist, Composer, Writer, Teacher

In her work, Jessica makes so much possible
and it is clearly giving her so much in return.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick

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Award-Winning Piano Music
"Light Born of Light," "In Duet with God" and "Haven" Piano Albums
Listen, Order & Download Here

Jessica Roemischer Piano CD Haven Jessica Roemischer Piano In Duet with God Jessica Roemischer Piano Light Born of Light

A Taste of What's on "Light Born of Light"

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Piano Music Created Just for You
Jessica Roemischer creates one-of-a-kind MP3's and CD's of music
that's especially meaningful to you. A lasting gift to give yourself or someone you love.
Order your music!
Jessica Roemischer Custom Piano Music CD's
I absolutely love the rendition you created for me. It's exactly what I needed. The notes are exquisite - soft, nurturing, light-hearted, full of love. They pulled many, many heart-strings that keep on reverberating! I can never thank you enough!
Barbara B. South Carolina

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Piano and Creativity Lessons & Coaching
In-Person or SKYPE

As a beloved teacher, Jessica works with people of all ages and backgrounds. Her thirty-five years of experience and Duet Paradigm(R)approach led to a
2012 CNN Heroes Award nomination.
Contact Jessica to schedule an in-person or SKYPE session
Jessica Roemischer - Coaching
Jessica Roemischer uses music to unwrap gifts of joy and becoming.
Without a doubt, she makes touching the 88's a soul-opening symphony!

Dan McKinnon, Ph.D. Vancouver, Canada

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Performances and Workshops
Jessica's performances are an inspiring combination of
music, word and spontaneous creativity.
Here's a schedule of upcoming events.
Arrange a performance in your area, too!

Jessica offers nothing less than the realization of beauty, joy, and enduring humanity. She has poked a window from here to the other side--a way of seeing into truth where no fear can have sway.
Carrie Vanderwagen, Berkeley, CA

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Inspired Writings
Articles, Interviews and a New Book:
In Duet with God: The Story of a Lifelong Friendship
Coming 2014

For more about Jessica's articles and new book
Jessica Roemischer, Pianist and Spiritual Teacher

Read excerpts from the book...
Please contact Jessica if you're interested in release announcements about In Duet with God, or you're a publisher or agent interested in this book. Thank you!

More about Jessica Roemischer...

"Jessica Roemischer takes music off the keys
and delivers it to a place that is none other than Love."
Reverend Douglas Small

"Jessica Roemischer's solo piano performance is a musical meditation, an exploration of melody through the prism of blues, jazz, classical, and more. She wonderfully integrates these styles into a tapestry of sound textures that evoke peace, because they come from love."
Greg Thomas, Music Writer and Author, New York Daily News

"Jessica Roemischer is that distinguished artist in whose music we witness how her intense spirituality transcends the skillful hands of her very own virtuosity."
Ruel Pepa, Ph.D., Philippines

"Jessica's focus, persistence, and performance enhance our sense of music.
She reminds us of the essence of music - and why it's become so essential to our well-being and to our enjoyment of life."
Vincent Wright,

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An Unforgettable Moment of
The Duet Paradigm(R)

The beauty in my daughter is something many have not seen.
But now through her music with Jessica, it's there pouring out!

Claire Garner (Hope's mom)
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Leading in Duet(R)
Discovering New Pathways to Leadership

with Jessica Roemischer
Hosted by Debbe Kennedy, author and founder, The Global Dialogue Center

Featured by The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute
Jessica Roemischer, Pianist
Video, Free Handouts and Other Resources

"Jessica Roemischer has created a unique path of awakening.
Wonderful and inspiring!"
Yasuhiko Kimura, Philosopher, Founder of Vision-in-Action

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What they're saying...
"It's like Jessica is saying to all the dark cynics of the world:
'Look! The light of Beauty shines in every human being!'"
Susan Leigh Babcock

"Jessica Roemischer is both an extraordinary pianist and an evocateur of beauty. Very few people in the world can express themselves with such authenticity and elicit that quality from others."
Elza Maalouf, author and futurist, CEO, Center for Human Emergence Middle East

"Oh, my breath is taken away witnessing the beauty of your work!! The depth of relationship between you and your students is profound. Your contribution is truly spectacular!" Claire Zammit, Ph.D(c)
Co-Creator, Feminine Power Global Community and Women on the Edge of Evolution Teleseries

Jessica's warm, loving presence is expressed so beautifully in her music - its gentleness and strength, its balance and propensity, its forthrightness and its unassumingness
Dr. Di Shearer, Strathalbyn, South Australia

"Watching your piano duet videos was an unbelievable experience. It was like seeing Mozart of the universe playing through a child." Mick Quinn, author, The Uncommon Path of Awakening Authentic Joy

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